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Suggested Saturday Itinerary for the Young Saxophonist

9 a.m.–6 p.m., de Laski Bldg., Room 3001

See what gear is available for your sax, try mouthpieces, look through sheet music, or bring your mouthpiece and reed and try some saxophones.

9 a.m. MTB 2018
William Tynch, There's an App for That!

Discover what apps can help improve and refine your practicing and which apps can be utilized for performance.

10:00 a.m. Instrumental Room
Jeff Antoniuk, Jazz Improvisation - How & What to Practice

Do you ever get frustrated not knowing how to practice jazz improvisation? Jeff Antoniuk is back again leading a workshop that will help you hone your skills. It’s open to beginning improvisers through graduate-level players. Bring your sax!

11 a.m. Concert Hall
Timothy McAllister

Following his recital, Timothy McAllister will lead an open class where you can watch him teach college saxophonists.

1 p.m. Concert Hall
Claude Delangle

Claude Delangle teaches at the famous Paris Conservatory – the same place where the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax, once taught. This is another open class where you can observe a master saxophonist teach college saxophonists.

2 p.m. Concert Hall
Interservice Saxophone Ensemble

Come listen to 17 saxophonists perform works arranged for saxophone ensemble ranging from the tiny soprano to the mighty bass.


2 p.m. Harris Theater
High School Honors Recital

Hear outstanding high school saxophonists from around the country who auditioned for a spot to perform on the High School Honors Recital.

3 p.m. Concert Hall
Miguel Zenón

Learning from solo transcriptions are crucial to developing a jazz language. Our featured jazz artist will talk about a "Useful Approach to Solo Transcriptions."

4:30 p.m. Harris Theater
Peabody Jazz Faculty Quartet

Still craving more jazz? The Peabody Jazz Faculty Quartet will be jamming on their recital.

5 p.m.
Julia Kuhlman

Feeling musically adventurous? "In Freundschaft" is an avant-garde piece that incorporates physical movement while playing the saxophone.