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University of Hartford

Ilithios Quartet

Sophie Kaye, soprano saxophone
Abby Pollock, alto saxophone
Giovanna Virgil, tenor saxophone
Andrew Carey, baritone saxophone

Body of Your Dreams, Jacob ter Veldhuis

Aus Holberg's Zeit, Op. 40, Edvard Grieg, arr. Maarten Jense
I. Praelude
IV. Air
V. Rigaudon

Mountain Roads, David Maslanka
I. Overture


The Ilithios Quartet members are students of Carrie Koffman at the University of Hartford. Sophie Kaye of Burke, Virginia, is pursuing a degree in acoustical engineering and music. Andrew Carey of South Windsor, Connecticut, Abby Pollock of Brewster, Massachusetts, and Giovanna Virgil of Manorville, New York, are all pursuing degrees in music education.