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Resonance Saxophone Orchestra

Michael Hernandez, soprano saxophone
Marc Ballard, soprano saxophone
Alan Theisen, alto saxophone
Lawrence Gwozdz, alto saxophone
Dave Wozniak, alto saxophone
Brian Kauth, alto saxophone
Diane Hunger, tenor saxophone
Sarah Marchitelli, tenor saxophone
Jacob Swanson, baritone saxophone
Kendall Ramsey, baritone saxophone
Wildy Zumwalt, bass saxophone
Misty Theisen, conductor
Courtney Ruckman, soprano

Opening Chorus from Cantata BWV 99, Johann Sebastian Bach

Silhouette, Chelsea Williamson

Klage, Alan Theisen

Symphony for Saxophone Orchestra, Stephen Dankner
IV. Presto


The Resonance Saxophone Orchestra is comprised of professional saxophonists from across the United States and is dedicated to promoting the saxophone ensemble as a viable medium for classical music both old and new.