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Rulon Brown

The Most Disgusting Science Every Sax Player Should Know

Join saxophonist Rulon Brown as he shares laughter, horror and video from his year-long journey into pad rot. With the help of a food scientist, Rulon conducted a torture test of brand new Selmer saxophones to learn more about how sticky, rotten pads evolve and how to prevent them. Learn tips to keep your horn healthy and add years to the life of your sax, plus see the world’s first time-lapse video of pad rot. Yuck!


Rulon Brown is a musician and visual artist whose recent projects include an avant-rock CD, a solo album made while touring North and Central America, a museum installation about the restless American Dream, and a U.S. State Department sponsored artist residency at a Casa de los Tres Mundos cultural institute in Nicaragua. Before becoming a professional musician, Brown grew up fixing saxophones at his local music store. Like all sax players, he ran into the problem of sticky key pads that cause playing malfunction and costly repair. After years of research he created Key Leaves™ - the only care products proven to totally eliminate severe key stick malfunction and reduce all other forms of key sticking by 98%.