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America (1984)

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1. Tough Goin'

PO1 Robert Sullivan

2. I've Got News for You

Ray Alfred
arr. CPO George Walker


3. Someone is Stealin' My Baby Away

PO1 Robert Sullivan


4. Everybody's Got to Have Fun

PO1 Donn Foster
arr. PO1 Robert Sullivan


5. Runnin' Back for More

CPO George Walker


6. Lites of the City

CPO Richard Glass


7. My Baby

PO1 Robert Sullivan


8. Killin' Time

PO1 Robert Sullivan


9. Pop Goes the Weasel

CPO Richard Glass


10. America

Neil Diamond
arr. PO1 Robert Sullivan




Liner Notes

"America!" is the latest release by Port Authority, the Navy Band's popular rock music group, from Washington, D.C.


Although titled after Neil Diamond's popular hit "America," the album also features a variety of original music. Drawing on the group's vast musical experience, the selections range in style from the popular reggae rhythms of "Killin' Time" to the jazz influenced "Lights of the City." "Tough Goin'" is, in the words of a "Port" member, "Good ole' rock n' roll," in contrast to the up-tempo arrangement of "Pop Goes the Weasel."


Covering a wide musical spectrum, Port Authority is a talented, versatile and dynamic group of Navy professionals who proudly serve their country...America!


On the cover: A view of the Earth photographed from the Apollo 16 lunar mission on April 16, 1972. The photo shows the United States, most of Mexico and part of Central America.




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