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Americans We (1988)

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1. The Star Spangled Banner

John Stafford Smith


2. Americans We

Henry Fillmore


3. White Hat March

Gerard Bowen


4. Liberty Bell

John Philip Sousa


5. National Emblem

E. E. Bagley


6. Washington Post

John Philip Sousa


7. Stars and Bars

Robert Jager


8. Stars and Stripes Forever

John Philip Sousa


9. On The Mall

Edwin Franko Goldwin


10. The Skyliner

Harry L. Alford


11. George Washington Bicentennial March

John Philip Sousa


12. Barnum and Bailey's Favorite

Karl L. King


13. Servicemen On Parade

arr. Richard Hayman




Liner Notes

Our Navy's presence around the world is a symbol of strength and dedication to peace. From the beginning, as a modest fleet in the late 1700s, to the highly skilled technical force of today, one common denominator remains - we, who are members of the fraternity of the sea, are proud to say . . . , "I am the American Sailor."


The Navy Band and Sea Chanters present I Am the American Sailor, a collection of patriotic music saluting the men and women of the United States Navy. This music reflects the vibrant spirit of the Navy's heritage and tradition.





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