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Christmas By The Bay (1977)

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1. Christmas By The Bay

arr. J. Chattaway


2. Winter Wonderland

F. Bernard/D. Smith
arr. B. Kidd


3. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

J. Marks
arr. Jeff Taylor


4. I Sing Noel

Christmas Is Here To Stay
Christmas Is
I Sing Noel


arr. J. Brubaker

Angelos, Kohan
Faith, Maxwell
Shayne, Regney


5. The Sense Of Christmas

R. Chiles, J. Wallace
arr. R. Gingery


6. A Holly, Jolly Christmas

J. Marks
arr. R. Gingery


7. Christmas Festival

L. Anderson


8. The Friendly Beast

arr. B. Ives


9. Sleigh Ride

L. Anderson


10. White Christmas

I. Berlin
arr. Jeff Taylor






Liner Notes

Burl Ives and Christmas.


Like a "hand and glove," the man and the holiday were simply made for each other...and you can imagine the excitement within the Navy Band when Mr. Ives accepted Commander Muffley's invitation to join the Navy Band for its 1977 Christmas Concert and record with the band for this album.


Burl Ives and Commander Ned Muffley met quite by chance in 1974 while the Navy Band was on a national concert tour. An early arrival allowed Commander Muffley the opportunity to visit the auditorium which would come alive with Navy Band sounds that evening. On that particular day, rather than being greeted by a dark and quiet building interior, the uniquely beautiful singing style that has become instantaneously recognizable throughout the world drifted across the many hundreds of now empty seats. The words..."Jimmy crack corn and I don't care..." The voice...of course, that of Burl Ives. It was only a matter of seconds before the friendship based on mutual admiration and respect that exists between Commander Muffley and Burl Ives was begun. Burl, joined by his vivacious wife (and manager), Dorothy, quickly became intrigued at the prospect of performing with the multifaceted wealth of talents offered by the Navy Band, and agreed to come to Washington, D.C. the following December and add yet another dimension to the Navy Band's 1974 Christmas production. It was indeed a concert to remember.


Almost three years passed before the Iveses and the Navy Band again crossed paths, this time in a performance at the 1977 Boy Scout Jamboree. The enthusiasm and spark that had marked the last Muffley/Ives meeting was rekindled, and a second invitation to perform at a Navy Band Christmas Concert was extended and accepted. The weeks that followed were busy indeed as a special production, the brainchild of Master Chief Jere Wallace, entitled, "For the Love of Christmas," was scripted, focusing around a musical adaptation of Burl telling the story of Christmas to a group of children...the personification of Santa Claus himself. The performance was given to a standing room only crowd of well over four thousand and was a tribute to the cooperative efforst and talents of Burl and the men and women of the Navy Band.


During a well deserved and much needed break at the intense reocrding sessions that ultimately led to this album, Burl, Dorothy, and Commander Muffley were reminiscing about their respective days and nights sailing the waters of the world - Burl and Dorothy on their personal yacht - and the Commander on vessels of a diferent nature - ships of the United States Navy. The conversation centered on the beautiful and peaceful bays they had collectively visited throughout the world, Burl softly singing the words to one of his favorite seasonal songs, "Christmas By the Bay." It was only natural that Commander Muffley should choose "Christmas By the Bay" as the title for this album.


And so it is with sincere affection and pride that we make the dedication of this album twofold: First, to all those who venture out upon the water that they may have fair winds and following seas as they plot their courses to the protective waters of bays through the world; and second, the the Iveses - Burl and his lovely wife, Dorothy - for so generously sharing their immense talents with the Navy Band. The United States Navy is an organization built on traiditons - and we hope that future performances with the Iveses become yet another in the Navy's long list of traditions.


"On behalf of the men and women of the United States Navy Band, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful New Year."


-Ned Muffley