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Overture! (1986)

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1. The Star Spangled Banner

John Stafford Smith


2. Enigma Variations, Op. 36

Sir Edward Elgar
trans. Earl Slocum


3. Nabucco Overture

Giuseppe Verdi
trans. Lucien Cailliet


4. La Boda De Luis Alonso

Geronimo Gimenez


5. Finale from Symphonic Poem "Mazeppa"

Franz Liszt
trans. John B. Kindig


6. Prelude Variations

Claude T. Smith


7. Overture To The Wasps

Ralph Vaughan-Williams
arr. CPO David Ward

8. Konzertmusick Für Blasorchester, Op. 41

Paul Hindemith
B. Schott's Soehne


9. Anchors Aweigh

Lt. Charles A. Zimmerman
arr. Harold Walters





Liner Notes

The overture is an introductory work performed at the opening of an opera, musical production or major concert piece. Beginning in the 19th century, the concert-overture developed as an independent form often presented as a singular work.


Focusing on this development, The United States Navy Band proudly presents OVERTURE! - a musical collection spotlighting both 19th and 20th century works climaxing with Paul Hindemith's "Konzertmusik für Blasorchester, " Op. 41.


Under the baton of Commander Allen E. Beck, this album reflects the Navy Band's continuing commitment to excellence - a commitment sustained throughout the band's sixty-two year history as one of the nation's foremost concert bands and the United States Navy's premier musical organization.


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