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Senior Chief Musician Stephen W. Hassay,

Visual Information Coordinator, Facilities Engineer

MUCS Stephen W. Hassay

Senior Chief Musician Steve Hassay joined the Navy Band in 1995 as a graphic artist and photographer.    As visual information coordinator, he has designed 31 compact disc covers, and he is the principle designer of Fanfare, the Navy Band bi-monthly newsletter. He is responsible for the production of all of the Navy Band programs, advertisements, website photographs, and other visual media. Hassay is the head of the photographic studio, leading a staff of four photographers who document the band in all phases of their mission, covering over 150 events each year. As the principle photographer, he has personally photographed three inaugurations, the state funerals of Presidents Reagan and Ford, traveled with the Concert/Ceremonial Band to tattoos in Sweden, Norway and Quebec, accompanied the Commodores to Ireland in support of Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, and traveled with all of the performing ensembles on their national concert tours.

Prior to joining the band, Hassay worked for more than 10 years as a commercial artist for local newspapers and as a defense contractor, specializing in graphic arts and photography.