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Navy Music Relevant Laws, Directives, Instructions and Regulations


DOD Directive 5410.18 - Public Affairs Community Relations Policy

DODINST 1005.4 - Performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner," Foreign National Anthems, and "Hail to the Chief" by Service Bands

DODINST 5410.19 - Public Affairs Community Relations Policy Implementation

OPNAVINST 1710.7A - Social Usage and Protocol Handbook (Chapters 7-10 & Annex H-J)

OPNAVINST 5360.1 - State, Official and Special Military Funerals

SECNAVINST 5312.12C - Selection of Department of the Navy Military and Civilian Personnel and Contractor Employees for Assignment to Presidential Support Activities

SECNAVINST 5720.44C - DON Public Affairs Policy (Chapters 2, 4, and Appendix C)

U.S. Navy Regulations, Chapter 12 - Flags, Pennants, Honors, Ceremonies and Customs

OPNAVINST 5450.346A - Missions, Function and Tasks of the U.S. Navy Band

NAVSOMINST 1300.1A - Instrumental/Vocal Assessments

NAVSOMINST 1300.3C - Qualification for Instructor Duty On Board Naval School of Music

NAVSOMINST 1540.1C - Testing and Measurement of Student Achievement

NAVBANDINST 1520.1 - Application for Navy Bandmaster Post-Graduate Education Program

NAVBANDINST 4650.2 - Government Travel Program Internal Operating Procedures

NAVBANDINST 5400.3 - Operating Procedures for Navy Music Program Activities

U.S. Code*


* U.S. Code links are to the 2000 edition.  Title 10 Section 6223 is known to be obsolete.  Links will be updated as soon as available.

BUPERSINST 4205.3 - Equipage and Supply Procedures for Official Navy Bands (Revision Under Review)

MILPERSMAN - Navy Music Program (MU)

MILPERSMAN Article 1430-040 - Accelerated Advancement for Enlisted Musician (MU) Assignments to Navy Premier Bands

MILPERSMAN Article 1306-976 - Enlisted Musician Assignments to Navy Premier Bands


Navy Music Manuals

Manual for Buglers

Performance Standards for Musicians Handbook

Performance Standards for Musicians (App. A)

NAVEDTRA 10243 - Ear Training Manual for Musicians

NAVEDTRA 10244 - Basic Music Book

NAVEDTRA 12012 - Harmony