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Musician 1st Class Henry A. Johns,

Pedal Steel Guitar

MU1 Henry Johns

Musician 1st Class Henry Johns joined the Navy Band in 2017 as the pedal steel and resophonic guitarist for Country Current. He majored in bluegrass, old time and country music studies at East Tennessee State University, where he studied with session player Tony Dingus. While at East Tennessee State, he also had the opportunity to study under and perform with some of the greatest musicians of the Country and Bluegrass music industry, such as country music drummer John Gardner and mandolinist Adam Steffey.
Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Johns first learned the instrument from West Coast steel guitarist Rick Schmidt, and went on to spend time at Steel Guitars of North County in Oceanside, California, where he was able to watch and learn from many West Coast greats of the instrument.