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MUC Stacy B. Loggins with Franconia Elementary School studentsSince 1991, the United States Navy Band has brought concerts and demonstrations to hundreds of schools in the National Capital Region through the Music in the Schools program.  Music in the Schools is designed to supplement music education curricula and build bridges between the Navy and younger generations.  The Navy Band considers Music in the Schools as an important part of its educational outreach that allows it to reach and share with young audiences and musicians who might not actively seek out performances or other opportunities.


Like all performances, each visit to schools is unique and dependent on the featured ensemble and age group.  Visits from the Sea Chanters include sea shanties, spirituals, and patriotic and popular songs for elementary students.  Performances for older groups may include popular jazz and Broadway tunes, in addition to serious choral repertoire.  Members of the Country Current can entertain with both country and bluegrass music while including interactive sing-alongs and guitar and fiddle demonstrations.  The Navy Band Commodores Jazz Ensemble brings not only classic big band swing but can also break into smaller jazz combos that offer greater flexibility.  For the most contemporary styles, the Cruisers offer a wide variety of new sounds, often playing music that is instantly recognizable to younger audiences. 


Throughout the year, the Concert Band chooses to use schools as performing venues.  These concerts can take place in the evenings, but our matinee series during school days has also proven to be an excellent way to reach students.  In addition, the Navy Band also makes available a number of its heralded chamber ensembles.  The Navy Band Brass Quartet, Brass Quintet, Harbor Winds Clarinet Quartet and Navy Band Woodwind Quintet all participate heavily in Music in the Schools.  Whether inspiring young students to learn music and take up instruments or offering guidance to those already involved, the Navy Band chamber groups seek to both entertain and educate. 


Navy Band musicians are also available for clinics, sectional and guest appearances as soloists.  We look forward to bringing the Music in the Schools program to your school.  Although the program is mostly local, we offer a way to share our music with other groups as well.  If you are bringing your school musicians to Washington, D.C. from out of town, please inquire about Navy Band rehearsal observations at our headquarters in the Sail Loft of the historic Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C.


The Navy Band is proud to bring music to America's youth. The discovery and enjoyment of music at a young age ensures an awareness and appreciation of the arts, in addition to fostering academic achievement. The Navy Band's Music in the Schools program ensures that thousands of students are introduced each year to live music performances by professional Navy musicians.



Requests for Music in the Schools performances may be submitted by email to Navy Band Operations or you may also call (202) 433-3676.