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Meet the Musicians

Get to know the members of The United States Navy Band. Click the links to read the biographies of some of the finest musicians in the world.


Support Staff




     MUCM Christopher J. Raifsnider, Administrative Chief

     MUCS Greta L. Loggins, Career Information Program Manager


Information Systems

     MUCS John T. Parsons, Information Systems Chief

     MUC Ben Coker, IT Portfolio Manager




     MUCM William P. Gray, Operations Chief

     MUC Eric M. Lopez, Assistant Operations Chief


Public Affairs



     MUCS Adam K. Grimm, Public Affairs Officer

     MUCS Stephen W. Hassay, Visual Information Coordinator

     MU1 Sarah F. Blecker, Marketing Manager

     MU1 Eric A. Brown, Video Producer

     MU1 April E. Enos, PAO Staff


Tour Operations



     MUCM Matthew J. Neff, Tour Operations Chief

     MUC Christian H. Johanson, National Tour Director





     MUC Amanda Cline, Productions Head





     MUCS Stephen W. Hassay, Facilities Engineer





     MUCM Michael M. Shelburne, Supply Chief

     MUCS Michael A. Curtis, Contracting Officer

     MU1 Kyle E. Huron, Receiving Officer





     MU1 Christopher G. Buchanan, Staff Arranger

     MU1 Timothy A. Hill, Staff Arranger


Music Library



     MUC Amy M. Smith, Head Music Librarian


Audio Productions

     MUCS Brian P. Bowman, Head Recording Engineer

Navy Music



     MUCS Trent R. Turner, Travel Program Director

     Ms. Angie Brewer, Command Information Officer

     MU1 Kristin A. Pagent, Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness Manager (Acting)